Why choose us

We stand out of the crowd.

Photography is more than just a job for us. Documenting through still photos and videos is art, a precious form of expression that should be handled with surgical prudence. For us, it’s understanding that every job bequeaths us with the sacred responsibility to document people/organizations’ stories. It’s the thought that goes into capturing narratives, to observe quality and chronology; in order to entertain while maintaining the objective of the photography and videography.

There are a couple of factors that we attribute to this;

Our Team

We are a zealous crop of talented multimedia gurus, versed with operational knowledge about the best video and photography equipment in the world. We are scouted and handpicked from across the best media outlets in Uganda and across East Africa, in order to maintain the ethnicity and African rawness of the story telling.

We are the ultimate cream de la cream in the Photography, Video Media and 3d animation stratosphere in East Africa. Experience gives us all these bragging rights

Our Equipment

We have spent time and a valuable sum of resources to fetch the best equipment the industry has to offer. Up-to-date still photo and video cameras, as well as state of the art editing machines to deliver work in a timely manner and requisitioned format.

So, you want the project delivered in 4k, Yes we can, you want it captured in 10 bit prores, Yes! We have that too! 6k, Yes, definitely!

We love Research

Have you ever wondered, will they understand what we really want?
Story telling is nothing without research. And this is the ultimate rule of thumb at Mara Mambo Media.

We understand that to capture the eccentricities of the different stories we tell, we need to understand them And for that reason, we often invest in research on the job at hand, but also in the hastily evolving world of video and photography equipment tech.
This is to ensure we give you the cutting edge quality that your work truly deserves.

Eye for Perfection

Call it OCD, but if it is not The International Standard, we do not want it. It is more. It is extra. It is passion. It’s shooting for perfection and excellence,

That’s why. Choose us